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Fiction Writer & Poet


Isabel is a full-time professional author and has published works in both English and Spanish. As well as poetry, she mostly writes speculative fiction, and her preferred genres are fantasy, sci-fi, noir, dystopia, and specifically the plight of women. She is hugely interested in experimental writing, and she fluctuates between literary fiction and genre fiction. Her books include 'La duda', shortlisted for two literary awards in Spain, and the bilingual 'Zero Negative–Cero negativo'. Her recent collections of short stories are 'Paradise & Hell' and 'Una muerte incidental', and her recent poetry books are 'Madrid, Madrid, Madrid', 'Punto de fuga' and 'Dolorem Ipsum', dedicated to the victims of the 2020 pandemic. She recently launched the fantasy novel 'El tiempo que falta', which has taken almost two decades in the making, as well as the sci-fi trilogy 'Planet in Peril' with 'Dissent' as the first of the three novels in the series. Isabel's latest books are her autobiography, written in English with excerpts in Spanish, 'A Woman Alone: fragments of a memoir'; her poetry collection in Spanish with sections in English, 'Cuaderno de notas'; and  'La autora del fin del mundo', an anthology of short stories she has published over three decades.

(Image: Isabel at the Madrid Book Fair, for the launch of  'Zero Negative', 2013)

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