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What about writing

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

What about writing?

  • You can write literature about almost anything, for literature is not in the subject but in the treatment

  • Writing should be overtly dramatic and dreamlike: the more dramatic, the more authentic; the more dreamlike, the more believable

  • Writing is but the child of tension and intensity

  • Writing is about conflict, inconsistency, contradiction; in other words, it is about all those things that we are so good at in real life

  • Writing can never disappoint you. If anything, you will disappoint your writing, for you are limited: you have so many words inside you but no more, you have so many experiences but no more – you are a simple enough human being

  • Writing is about a before and an after: before writing you were this person, and after writing you became that person, ideally for the better

  • The same applies to reading, as readers are also transformed when they read. And this is because readers are writers in themselves

  • Writing can be about you, but you must universalize your pain or your laughter

  • Writing can be about others, but you must make their pain or their laughter yours

  • Writing can be about what you know, but also about what you do not know anything about, and so in the process you will perhaps learn a few new things

  • Writing is the only country where abduction is legal, for you will abduct the reader momentarily before they return once more to their everyday life

  • Writing is about breaking the rules so that what surrounds you becomes a wholly different universe where objects speak, time stops, the speed of light is just the beginning, people never die, dreams come true

  • Writing is about suspending belief, never to recover it

  • Writing should be true to only one thing: the truth

  • Writing is always hard, painful, will make you crazy, will shake up your demons so that they afflict you even more, will drive away your angels

  • Writing is therefore not for the faint-hearted or for the seekers of anything other than the perfect sentence

  • There are no rules about writing, merely opinions

  • The only condition required to write is, of course, that you have to write at every waking hour

  • You must be your harshest critic, and so try and save only one poem out of every hundred, and only one page of prose out of every thousand

  • Good stories will always live on beyond their final words, unlike the rest of us

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